What We Do
We provide clients with strategic research and advice. Built on a foundation of traditional and applied research disciplines, our capabilities and expertise are structured to provide cost-effective and time-proven solutions.

Principal Functions

We support clients through two functional areas. These are:

Research: We transform client ideas and requirements into working projects; collect, process and analyse information; manage research projects; and generate verbal, written and visual research products.

Advisory: We enable research and decision processes through one-on-one or group advisory sessions, independent peer review, training in research and analytical tradecraft, and simulation and exercises.

Core Competencies

Our core competencies consist of a robust, versatile foundation of professional skill sets. These include but are not limited to:

Historical research: We identify the historically relevant elements of current problems, establish the factual basis of past events and developments, and locate overlooked or prospective sources of archival evidence.

Social science: We help clients understand the cultural, social and political dimensions of problems by applying qualitative and quantitative methods, working with large and small datasets, and delivering verifiable results.

Area studies: We cover the traditional geographies and jurisdictions of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, as well as special regions such as urban, maritime and trans-boundary areas.

Service Clusters

Our clients benefit from service clusters that incorporate competencies and solutions designed to help them navigate complex industry and sector requirements. These include:

- research support to strategic processes, including plans, reviews and operations;

- risk reporting and analysis for corporate ethical commitments and regulatory compliance;

- forensic historical and archival investigations for complex legal and policy processes;

- enabling ethical access to sequestered, endangered and local knowledge.

Further Information
To find out more about Thesigers and how we do business, contact us directly:
Key Contacts
Director & CEO: Michael A. Innes
Email: mi@thesigers.com

Head of Operations: Kyle Pizzey
Email: kp@thesigers.com