Our Standards
Thesigers adheres to clearly articulated industry standards, legal obligations, professional codes of conduct and the company's own founding principles.
Founding Principles
Thesigers' approach to research is multidisciplinary. In the academic sense, it employs the methods and techniques of history, geography, anthropology and other arts and sciences. In a non-academic sense, the firm draws on the research practices and toolkits of a range of knowledge-based professions. Thesigers has drafted a set of founding principles that embraces all of these.
Scholarly Practice
Although not all of Thesigers' work involves the philosophies and practices of academic research, scholarly principles such as integrity, objectivity and meticulous sourcing of evidence are central to its vision and services. An important part of this is research ethics. They have been articulated in different ways by different research disciplines, and they have been recurring and prominent topics of public debate, particularly during periods of social upheaval and armed conflict. Thesigers aspires to the best of what they have to offer.
Voluntary Principles
Thesigers recognises that all entities working in complex or unstable environments may at some point be exposed to similar risks and challenges. For these reasons, Thesigers subscribes to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. Moreoever, Thesigers believes the nature of its research and advisory services will make an active contribution to promoting and entrenching the Voluntary Principles.
UN Global Compact
Similarly, Thesigers understands that operating in the orbit of emerging and frontier markets involves exposure to numerous challenges, including human rights, labour standards, environmental issues, and corruption. For this reason, Thesigers subscribes to the United Nations Global Compact and is taking steps to become an active member. Thesigers' research and advisory services are consistent with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the firm aspires to make a positive contribution to its goals.
Further Information
For all client, management or sales enquiries, contact Michael A. Innes, Managing Director. Email: mi@thesigers.com // biography .

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