Strategic Services

Identifying and overcoming executive challenges and pursuing high-level interests through rapid, purpose-built, cost-effective solutions.

In a globalised world, governments, companies, organisations and individuals face a daunting array of challenges, and decisions have to be made in the face of persistent instability and uncertainty, complex flows of conflicting information, and shifting political sands.

We understand the importance of forward thinking and achieving maximum impact through intelligent, judicious use of key resources. Our strategic services are uniquely tailored solutions to client needs. More than a concierge service, we actively engage with clients on a retained or contingent basis to design and validate plans and systems, inform decision-making, and leverage skills and expertise for best-effect.

Core services

Consultative research: We equip decision-makers with new research, as well as reviews and syntheses of past work, in support of retrospective and prospective client interests.

Training and education: We build awareness, skills and capacity by working directly with individuals and organisations in informal one-on-one sessions or in more structured classroom and workshop settings.

Developmental support: We work with clients to develop concepts and scenarios, design analytical models and approaches, run experimental and exploratory projects, and stress-test works in progress.


The members of our team have been at the forefront of public and private sector strategy, including:

  • Research support to government policy processes
  • Stress-testing government analysis and modeling techniques
  • Allied and interagency liaison and coordination
  • Intelligence policy reform within NATO
  • Parliamentary and security sector reform in the Western Balkans and Southeast Asia
  • Ministry-level capacity building in Afghanistan
  • Actor mapping in post-Gaddafi Libya
  • Market entry studies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East
  • Thought leadership on regional geopolitics, environmental and development sector issues
  • R&D support to leading financial institutions, mining concerns, and oil & gas companies
  • Training courses and sensitisation workshops for public and private sector clients
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