Operations Support

Enabling client operations through individual and team-based design services, consultancy options and capacity building.

Our client relationships include short and long term engagements supporting the research needs of private individuals, subcontracting arrangements with larger prime contractors in the private sector, and work conducted directly on behalf of corporate and government entities.

Thesigers currently holds positions on several UK government framework contracts. As pre-qualified suppliers, were are well placed to support client operations, from agile delivery of subject matter expertise, consultant support to project teams, through to larger collaborative partnerships.

Core services

Design services: Identifying key client concepts and transforming ideas and requirements into workable models, projects and initiatives.

Consultant support: Providing the operational staffing needed for effective project implementation, including individual subject matter experts and working project teams.

Capacity building: Developing subject matter expertise and skills-based tradecraft, in one-to-one or group settings, through formal lectures, participatory exercises and workplace mentoring.

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Jun 2015-Dec 2015: Modeling the Social and Cultural Characteristics of Financial Networks

Jan 2015-Feb 2015: Workshops: Changing Dynamics of Religious and Secular Violence

Jan 2015-Feb 2015: Workshops: Africa - Insecurity, Terrorism and Emerging Threats

Jul 2015-Dec 2014: Historical Analysis of Shifting Support For Political Movements

Jul 2014-Oct 2014: Study of the State of the Art in Voice Synthesis Research and Technology

Oct 2014-Oct 2014: Workshop: Analytical Tradecraft Training For Professional Services

Sep 2013-Jan 2014: Comparative Historical Analysis of Humanitarian Support Missions

Jul 2013-Nov 2013: Comparative Historical Analysis of Political Regimes in Transition

Sep 2012-Oct 2012: Database Design - Petroleum Information System of Afghanistan

May 2012-Aug 2012: Rapid Field Assessment of Tribal Tensions in Indonesian Papua

Further Information
For all client, management or sales enquiries, contact Michael A. Innes, Managing Director. Email: mi@thesigers.com // biography .

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