Integrity Services

Research and advisory services in support of ethical commitments, regulatory compliance, and design integrity.

Conceptually, there are two aspects to the integrity services we provide to clients. The first is about doing good, by providing clients the information they need to manage ethical and regulatory challenges. The second is about doing it well -- through research and advisory services that help clients test and evaluate the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of their actions.

We reinforce this with our own commitment to research integrity. Thesigers adheres to a strict code of ethical and professional conduct, ensuring its methods and its results satisfy the highest standards of quality and the rigours of independent scrutiny.

Core services

Bespoke projects: from traditional and enhanced due diligence inquiries to ethnographic surveys and operational impact assessments.

Reports and briefings: We provide clients with a range of delivery options including written reports, alerts, graphic visualisations, and verbal briefings and presentations.

Advisory services: Our mentoring and training services sensitise clients to key challenges and establish compliance and performance oriented best practices.

Selected projects
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Sep 2013-Oct 2013: Pre-Transactional Due Diligence in Tunisia

Sep 2012-Oct 2012: Database Design - Petroleum Information System of Afghanistan

May 2012-Aug 2012: Rapid Field Assessment of Tribal Tensions in Indonesian Papua

Feb 2012-Mar 2012: Mapping Oil Interests in Post-Gaddafi Libya

Jan 2012-Feb 2012: Reputational Analysis and Threat Assessment for the London Olympics

Oct 2011-Nov 2011: Enhanced Due Diligence and Market Entry in West Africa

Further Information
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