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Monitoring, evaluation & analysis
Tracking, reporting, assessment and insight for current and real-time challenges
Research & development
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Consultancy options
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2015-12: Technical Report: The Social and Cultural Characteristics of Financial Networks

2015-06: Digitising and Translating Historical Taliban Sources in Afghanistan

2014-12: Historical Analysis: Shifting Support For Hardline Political Movements

2014-10: Market Study: State of the Art in Voice Synthesis Research and Technology

2014-01: Historical Analysis: Humanitarian Support Missions

2013-11: Historical Analysis: Political Regimes in Transition

2013-10: Pre-Transactional Due Diligence in Tunisia

2012-08: Field Survey: Environmental Damage and Tribal Tensions in Indonesian Papua

2012-03: Risk Intelligence: Mapping Oil Interests in Post-Gaddafi Libya

2012-02: Risk Intelligence: Reputational Analysis and Threat Assessment for the London Olympics

2011-11: Enhanced Due Diligence for Market Entry in West Africa

2011-10: Analytical Support to Field Operations in Cote d'Ivoire

  • Country studies
  • Event and issue tracking
  • Entity mapping and profiling
  • Market scoping and research
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Strategic, operational and political risk
  • Scenario development and forecasting
  • Threat, vulnerability and risk analysis
  • Operations research and analysis
  • Policy review and analysis
  • Research integration
  • Communications research
  • Spatial analysis and visualisation
  • Ethnographic field surveys
  • Retrospective analysis
  • Statistical modelling
  • Data validation