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Data, politics and risk in emerging markets

Each issue of Sovereign Data focuses on a single topic selected by Thesigers staff, given additional context and assessed for relevance and implications.

ISSN: 2059-075X

About SD

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Defining Sovereign Data
Thesigers defines “sovereign” and “data” broadly, in order to more fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with knowledge in all its tributary forms – “information”, “data”, “evidence”, “intelligence”, and so on.

Thesigers’ view of sovereign data is that it contains essential elements of substance and form – original, often perishable artefacts about people, places, events, issues and things. We assess these in terms of data governance, instrastructure and stakeholders.

Monthly journal
Thesigers’ monthly journal, Sovereign Data, is a capstone analytical product made freely available to readers and clients. It sits astride our reporting services and research and development efforts, and features content selected and edited by Thesigers' staff and analysts.

Reporting service
Thesigers’ reporting service tracks current developments in sovereign data. Intended for clients who need more frequent, detailed updates, the service features summary reports and briefings based on locally-sourced news, data analytics, risk indexes and regular assessment.

Research and development
Thesigers conducts ongoing research and development through a sense-making program of workshops, system design and technology innovation. Workshops investigate problems covered in our reporting and analysis. Our systems and technology work creates working solutions to them.

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