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LONDON, 06 August 2013: Thesiger & Company Limited ('Thesigers') has published the Summer 2013 edition of its quarterly bulletin, Current Intelligence. The issue focuses on the Middle East. Jon Western weighs up Obama's policy options as the US considers whether to intervene. Terry Pattar examines post-Stuxnet proliferation of cyber capabilities among state and non-state actors. Christian Henderson discusses succession politics in Qatar, and Scott Smith interviews Rahel Aima on "Gulf Futurism". Extending our geographical focus to the Horn of Africa, Jessica Lincoln reviews onshore and offshore conditions in Somalia in her evaluation of Somali piracy. Reporting from Hong Kong, Kit Dawnay assesses the rocky road ahead for Japan-China relations, following this year's election in Japan. Faisal Devji comments on surveillance after Snowden, arguing that the debate over privacy is missing the real argument. 

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