Eric Randolph on Monocle Radio

LONDON, 27 November 2013: Monocle Radio's Globalist: Asia program recently spoke to Thesigers Principal and senior analyst Eric Randolph, reporting from Nepal,   to discuss the country's elections.

In the run-up to Nepal's crucial general election last Tuesday, a campaign of low-level terrorist attacks by a hardline Maoist splinter group threatened to derail the election, only for voters to defy the militants and come out in record numbers.

But just as the country was celebrating, the mainstream Maoist party - shocked at their dismal performance in the initial results - declared that there was rigging and refused to recognise the results, throwing the country back into disarray. 

Randolph appeared nightly on Monocle Radio to discuss the situation. Nepal has seen major historical changes in recent years as democracy has provided an unprecedented voice to marginalised castes and nationalities - a process that is only just beginning to radically redefine the country.

Listen to Monocle Radio's series of interviews with Eric Randolph and its coverage of the elections:


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