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LONDON, 21 November 2013: Thesigers Principal and senior analyst Eric Randolph has published an essay in Foreign Policy magazine's DemocracyLab on social revolution in Nepal.  In the South Asian state to cover recent elections, Randolph argues "the end of Nepal's bloody civil war was supposed to bring freedom to the downtrodden," but "democracy actually makes some things more complicated."

Reporting from Kathmandu, he writes:

Even by South Asian standards, it's hard to overstate how much of a political basket case Nepal has been over the years. Since a degree of democracy was introduced in 1990, it has suffered a brutal Maoist insurgency, the massacre of most of its royal family, a return to absolute rule, the abolition of the monarchy, and the collapse of every single elected government.

Yet for all the disastrous instability over the past decade and a half, Nepal has also experienced major historical change. Political power has gradually been passed down to its most oppressed castes and ethnicities. The country's successful national election this week (Nov. 19) brings glimmers of hope for one of South Asia's poorest nations.

In 2006, the country's decade-long civil war -- in which Maoist insurgents vied to topple the Nepalese monarchy, leaving an estimated 13,000 people dead -- finally came to a conclusion. Within two years of the peace agreement that ended this brutal conflict, the Maoist rebels could proclaim that their key objectives had been achieved: the 240-year-old monarchy was abolished, replaced by a democratic republic, and their party had confounded expectations with a resounding election victory.

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Citation: Eric Randolph, "Now the Social Revolution Can Begin," Foreign Policy (20 Nov 2013). URL:


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