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LONDON, 08 September 2012: National Geographic's 'News Channel' has published a short report  on maritime piracy in West Africa that sources the Spring 2012 issue of Thesigers' flagship publication, Current Intelligence. National Geographic writer Dan Klotz, arguing that there is strong evidence of a connection between overfishing and increased acts of piracy, noted 'A few years ago a scientific survey was released that mapped out where fisheries were being depleted around the world. This was about the same time that pirates from Somalia achieved a large degree of prominence by seizing a cargo ship full of tanks,  with news reports bemoaning how global shipping lanes brought cargo  ships close by a country with unemployed men and no rule of law to keep  them in check.' Seeing a similar pattern of developments in West Africa, Klotz asked colleagues whether they thought  the region could become 'the next piracy hotspot', a point highlighted by Dr. Jessica Lincoln in her essay, 'Thinking Globally: Countering Piracy in West Africa', published in the Spring 2012 issue of Current Intelligence


Dan Klotz, "Fresh Piracy Off West Africa Coast Highlights Link to Overfishing," National Geographic (6 September 2012). 

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    Jessica Lincoln, "Thinking Globally: Countering Piracy in West Africa," Current Intelligence (Spring 2012).

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