Thesigers Director Publishes New Book On Armed Proxies

LONDON, 14 August 2012: Thesigers director Michael A. Innes has published a new book entitled Making Sense of Proxy Wars: States, Surrogates and the Use of Force. The book's foreword was written by the distinguished US law professor William C. Banks,  with chapter contributions from Jeffrey Bale (Monterey Institute), John Horgan and Mia Bloom (Penn State), Brian Glyn Williams (UMass Dartmouth), Antonio Giustozzi (London School of Economics), Kevin O'Brien (Government of Canada), and William Rosenau (Centre for Naval Analysis) and Peter Chalk (RAND). Published by Potomac Books of Dulles, Virginia, the book is the first to offer a critical reappraisal of the role and character of armed proxies in international affairs.

From the dust jacket:

Public debate over surrogate forces and proxy warfare has been largely  dormant since the end of the Cold War. The conventional wisdom has been  that with the end of the U.S.- Soviet rivalry, state sources of support  for proxy guerrilla, insurgent, and terrorist organizations dried up,  forcing them to look to criminal activity to survive and precipitating  the growth of dangerously independent and well-resourced militants,  mercenaries, and warlords. But in the few years since 2001, a wide range  of issues raised to prominence by wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and  elsewhere suggest that armed proxies, and the forces that drive and  shape their use, are part of a larger dynamic. From the legacies of the  wars in the Balkans and Afghanistan, to the growth of  privatized security and military companies, and to increased reliance on  intermediaries of all kinds, these surrogate forces bear further study.

Making Sense of Proxy Wars is the first book to seriously challenge Cold War assumptions about  terrorism and proxy warfare, offering an alternative view of armed  surrogates—whether they are private armies, indigenous militias, or  unwilling victims—as complex, selfinterested actors on the international  stage.

The book is available for purchase from the publisher or on Amazon, and is available in either hardcover or Kindle editions.