Thesigers Essay Republished in openDemocracy

LONDON - An essay originally published in the Summer 2012 issue of Current Intelligence, Thesigers' quarterly  bulletin of current affairs, was recently rebublished in openDemocracy (, the highly respected online magazine of political debate and analysis.

In a recent essay in Current Intelligenceentitled "The Future of Democracy in America", Anatol Lieven, the writer, journalist and Professor of War Studies at King's College London, argued that the Tea Parties in America have drawn their strength not  only from the current economic crisis but also from their deep roots in  the American tradition. Lieven's exploration of radical political tendencies among the American right is excerpted from the new edition of his book,America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism, out this month.



Anatol Lieven, "The Future of Democracy in America,"openDemocracy(15 October 2012).

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Anatol Lieven, "The Future of Democracy in America," Current Intelligence (Summer 2012).

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