APRIL 2010



Afghan Anger At US Casualty Payments

(IWPR) Cash for deaths, injury and damage caused during military operations seen as disrespectful and violating tradition. [read]

Armenian Survivor Remembers Ottoman Mass Killings

(IWPR) Centenarian recalls her family’s suffering but says now is time to build bridges with Turkey. [read]

Going To The Dogs

(IWPR) In post-Taleban Afghanistan, illegal dog-fighting attracts rich and poor and high-stakes gambling is rife. [read]

Fallujans Put Faith In Their Former Tormentor

(IWPR) They branded Allawi a traitor for presiding over the siege of their city, but now see him as their best bet. [read]

Helmand Poppy Growth Surges

(IWPR) After a two-year slump in opium prices, farmers and officials say production and revenues in Helmand are rising again. [read]

Kyrgyz Leader Tries To Rally Support

(IWPR) Defiance comes as interim government announces plans for presidential election after bloody revolt. [read]

My Life As An Insurgent

(IWPR) A former Al Qaeda member tells his story to IWPR: what drove him to join the fight in Iraq, and why he left it behind. . [read]

River Flood Claims Lives, Territory

(IWPR) Afghan officials and neighbouring countries blamed as land and property are swallowed up by border river. [read]

Sadr City Shaken By Bombings

(IWPR) Critics say security forces are not doing enough to protect civilians. [read]

Agenda Highlights

Canada, Actic Security & The Inuit

Pick your favorite foreign policy cliche as temperatures rise in the scramble for the Arctic. [read]

Inverting Cold War Stereotypes

How hurt feelings rallied a nation: remembering the 1972 Canada-USSR Summit Series. [read]

Maoist Massacre Shines Light on Indian COIN

Was the April 6th massacre of 76 Indian police officers a strategic mistake? [read]

Seasteading... Instead

A recent thought piece on seasteading misses its stickier implications for privacy laws and protection of personal information. [read]

Surfing Liberia

Sport and post-conflict reconstruction: how surfing is helping Liberia recover, in more ways than one. [read]

The Flimsy Case For Drone Warfare

Why the government needs to make a clear moral case for killing civilian terror suspects. [read]

The Limits of Netwar

How the political cost of casualties will impact America's ability to fight netwar. [read]

The Mobius Trip

The triumph of opinion: following pop science writer Simon Singh's libel case odyssey. [read]

The Trial of Pope Benedict XVI

What the Vatican sex scandal really means - for the Church, and for ordinary Catholics. [read]


Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

(H-Net) Reviewed by Avinoam Patt [read]

Sex, Thugs and Rock'n Roll:
Teenage Rebels in Cold-War East Germany

(H-Net) Reviewed by Mareike Herrman [read]


THE GREEN ZONE: Sex, Art, Doctrine

What the Kings of War are reading and thinking: a monthly survey. by Kenneth Payne [read]

THE QUIET AMERICAN: The Beliefs of Generals

Rigid ideology meets civil-military relations in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell affair. by Jon Western [read]

Letters From Abroad

Liberia on the Brink

Sand shanties and free forests: climate change fixes for post-war Liberia. by Lynn Morris [read]


Differentiating Police and Military Action

by Tony Waters [read]

Kenyan Cooperation Crucial to ICC Probe

by Geoffrey Nyamboga

New US Thinking On Chechnya Needed

by Oliver Bullough

Time Ripe For Iraqi Reconciliation?

by Ella Rolfe [read]