MARCH 2010


Agenda Highlights

A Purely Working Relationship

Sifting through the subtleties of US-Pakistan expectations about Afghanistan, India, and the Taliban. [read]

Al Qaeda: When Any Attack Will Do

What the terrorist organization's opportunism means for threat perception, potential victims, and the security services. [read]

Beware the Spyclists!

The reputation of a venerated colonial era institution, besmirched: Boy Scouts, Hitler youth, and spy games. [read]

Crime, Immigration and the Modern City

Blame the city, not the immigrants: reconciling youth crime and gang emergence with urban and family dynamics. [read]

Dark Visions? Cyberspace In Words and Warfare

What's in a word: does the UK need a national lexicon of cyber threats and problems? [read]

Force Protection, Civilian Protection, Or Both?

Since when are trained soldiers unwilling to put their lives on the line to safeguard the innocent? [read]

NATO & Afghanistan: The Allied Scorecard

Per capita casualties among troop contributors, and the Anglo-American "special relationship": the cost of influence. [read]

No Logo: Naming Terrorist Organizations

Terrorist poseurs and the rule of the brand: names as force multipliers, deception, and propaganda. [read]

Spilling Over in Central Asia

On the dangers of Islamist contagion in Central Asia: the fallacy of Afghanistan's negative spillover effects. [read]

The God Thing, Revisited

On the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the President, and promoting religion as foreign policy. [read]

Uzbeks Are Scary!

A critical evaluation of a Small Wars Journal report on the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Afghanistan. [read]

You Think Therefore We Are

Why prospective graduate students should read the fine print about intellectual property rights and their research. [read]

Letters From Abroad

Covered in Colour at the Holi Festival

Paint bombs, waterborne funeral pyres, fairy lights and a plague of moths at Varanasi's Holi Festival. by Eric Randolph [read]

Missing NOLA

On social distance and being there at the International Studies Association meeting in New Orleans. by Charli Carpenter [read]

Living Safe and Getting On With Things

Gated communities and crime: an expat's guide to getting on with life in Durban. by Chris Albon [read]



When good intentions and national interests collide: multilateralism in policy and practice. by Jon Western [read]


The Danger of a Two-Tier Atlantic Alliance

NATO, the European Union and Afghanistan: The vicious cycle of American and European relations. by Neil Winn [read]