A Note to Prospective Consultants

More than a few recruiting posters have pointed out the low percentage of readers who will actually look beyond headlines or the first lines of an advert. It's a relatively transparent challenge and, we think, a wise approach, which is why there is very little substance in this first paragraph. But for anyone who continues to read this, for anyone interested enough to find out what comes next, there might be something worthwhile buried in all the text.

We're assuming that the first paragraph has narrowed down the pool of potential candidates, and that more will fall by the wayside before making it all the way to the bottom. We don't mean that as an insult to those who decide to walk away before finding out more. Time is precious, after all. But so is patience, and maybe your curiosity has been piqued while you've been waiting for us to get to the point.

Maybe you've been asking what the company name is all about. Maybe we'll explain it further down the page. Maybe we won't, and you'll have to dig a little deeper, do a little research of your own, to figure out why we chose it, what it means, and whether or not you would be a good fit. Whatever your accomplishments might be - they are likely to be substantial - that's the kind of mind you have, and that's the way you approach things. You do your homework. You observe, you take notes. You think. You plan. You act.

You may have seen another recruiting notice, in another time and in another place, that reads a little like this one. If you can identify the similarities and differences between us and them, you're off to a good start. It's the subtleties we're interested in. The possible meanings of a single word. The implications of a turn of phrase. The things left unsaid. The things not yet seen. The things seen and heard, but not yet understood. Permutations of meaning.

What are we looking for? You've studied. You've seen the world, but you're still exploring. You've done more than one thing in your career. You've done something interesting - and then moved on, and done something more. You've moved between the public and private sectors, and you've probably seen military or diplomatic service. You've endured. You've excelled. There is part of you that's relentless and tough as nails, though you'd never wear it on your sleeve or promote yourself that way.

Maybe it's your intellect. Maybe you run ultra-marathons. Maybe it's both of these things, or something else entirely.

If none of this applies to you, that's alright. We're not looking to recruit everyone. If you're just not there yet, keep at it, and come see us in a few years. If you're still reading, if this sounds a bit like you and if the things you've done included challenges like these, then there's a good chance we'll want to hear from you.