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Quarterly analysis of geopolitics and current affairs.

Our flagship publication, surveying the latest research and writing on Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Editorial Advisory Board
Kenneth Anderson (American University)
Peter Chalk (RAND)
Faisal Devji (University of Oxford)
Michael Dwyer (Hurst & Co. Publishers)
Vanda Felbab-Brown (Brookings Institution)
Matthew Ford (University of Sussex)
Anatol Lieven (Georgetown University)
Jeffrey Michaels (King's College London)
Clive Schofield (ANCORS)
Tim Stevens (Royal Holloway)
Jon Western (Mount Holyoke College)

2016 Publication Schedule
Winter Issue (Africa): January
Spring Issue (Asia): April
Summer Issue (Europe): July
Fall Issue (Middle East): October

Published since 2010, CI has been favorably sourced, cited, quoted or republished in The Atlantic, The Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, Foreign Policy, Mother Jones, openDemocracy, The Telegraph (of India), Wired, National Geographic, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and other media outlets.

"Always smart, always well written and always hard to find analysis of such precision and quality. Current Intelligence has it all."
--Michael Dwyer, Hurst Publishers

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--Bruce Sterling, Wired

"A reliably wide-ranging and voracious source of commentary, news, and links, from geopolitics to future technologies."
--Geoff Manaugh, BLDGBLOG

"An essential supplement for analysis of world events with some of my favorite writers."
--Nir Rosen, author

"Speaking of the British and intelligence, I like the look of this new blog."
--Tom Ricks, Washington Post/Foreign Policy Magazine

"My new favorite thing... if you're not reading Current Intelligence you're missing out - eclectic, smart, and slick."
--Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Magazine

"Every monthly issue is packed full of intelligent stuff with international breadth and enthusiasm: I've particularly enjoyed the columns and book reviews."
--Rosemary Bechler, openDemocracy

"Your site is really fantastic. I've been clicking around a little more each day, and it's just great."
-- Page van der Linden, Arms Control Wonk/The Plutonium Café

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--Robert Cottrell, The Browser

"A smart little publication... full of interesting content."
--Samanth Subramanian, Mint

"Every visit makes me smarter."
--Noah Schachtman, Wired

"Something amazing's happened: Open debates about global affairs have flourished. You can thank a decade of international tumult—September 11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the color revolutions, the Lebanon war, the Iranian uprising, the world recession, the current Mideast upheaval. You can marvel at the rise of Twitter, Tumblr, and online commenting culture. You can definitely nod to 'old' media outlets like FP and The Atlantic, as well as new ones like Global Post and Current Intelligence, for bravely ignoring the conventional wisdom that international reporting and opining doesn’t generate subscriptions or page views. Whatever the reasons, academics and think-tankers are joining ever more laypeople in frank, smart, and often levity-laced discussions of world events."
-- Adam Weinstein, Mother Jones