Case Note Samples (Abbreviated)

Completed consulting engagements. Case notes are available for review, in abbreviated format designed to preserve client confidentiality. Dates refer to year and month of project completion. 

2016-12: Analysis of Future Challenges to UK Freedom of Strategic Manoeuvre

2016-09: Research and Advisory Support to a Global Asset Management Firm

2016-09: Data Exploitation Tradecraft for a Global Management Consultancy (Workshop)

2016-08: Research and Advisory Support to a Supply Chain Project

2016-06: User Sensitisation to Information Requirements Management

2016-03: Review and Strategic Implications of US Policy in the Asia Pacific / South China Sea

2015-12: Modelling the Social and Cultural Characteristics of Financial Networks

2015-06: Digitising and Translating Historical Taliban Documents in Afghanistan

2015-03: User Sensitisation to Cyber Concepts in Policymaking

2015-02: Changing Dynamics of Religious/Secular Violence - Historical Cycles of Terrorism (Workshop)

2015-02: Changing Dynamics of Religious/Secular Violence - Mapping Sunni-Shia Divides (Workshop)

2015-02: Africa Issues - Cross-cutting Sources of Instability (Workshop)

2015-02: Africa Issues - Emerging and Changing Threats (Workshop)

2014-12: Historical Analysis of Shifting Support for Hardline Political Movements

2014-10: Analytical Tradecraft Training for Professional Services Firm (Workshop)

2014-10: Market Study of State of the Art in Voice Synthesis Research and Technology

2014-02: Analytical Stress Testing Scenarios for the 2015 Nigerian Elections

2014-01: Historical Analysis of Humanitarian Support Missions

2013-11: Historical Analysis of Political Regimes in Transition

2013-10: Pre-Transactional Due Diligence in Tunisia

2012-08: Rapid Field Assessment of Environmental Damage and Tribal Tensions in Indonesia

2012-03: Entity Mapping and Analysis of Oil Interests in Post-Gaddafi Libya

2012-02: Reputational Analysis and Threat Assessment for London Olympics Sponsor

2011-11: Enhanced Due Diligence for Market Entry in West Africa

2012-10: Database Design for the National Petroleum Information System of Afghanistan

2011-04: Steering and Review of Large Scale Perception Survey in Afghanistan

2011-10: Research Support to Security Operations in Cote d'Ivoire

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