Our Expertise
Clients benefit from subject matter expertise developed though formal training and long experience working in government, diplomacy, the military, media, academia and consulting. Our work starts with traditional country-based geographies, and investigates the events, issues and markets within them that affect our clients’ interests.

Area Studies
We cover the traditional geographies and jurisdictions of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, as well as special regions such as urban, maritime and trans-boundary areas.

Social Science
We help clients understand the cultural, social and political dimensions of problems by applying qualitative and quantitative methods, working with large and small datasets, and delivering verifiable results.

Historical Research
We identify the historically relevant elements of current problems, establish the factual basis of past events and developments, and locate overlooked or prospective sources of archival evidence.

Basic Functions
  • Investigative research and analysis
  • Research design and implementation
  • Research project management
  • Report writing and presentation

Support Functions
  • Training in research & analytical tradecraft
  • Collections appraisal and design
  • Collections processing and management
  • Data and case management
  • Project and system design
  • Translation services

  • Reports, briefings and alerts
  • Chronologies and lineages
  • Maps, charts, and visualisations
  • Datasets and databases
  • Document collections
  • Analog and digital archives
Further Information
For all client, management or sales enquiries, contact Michael A. Innes, Managing Director. Email: mi@thesigers.com // biography .

General enquiries: