Become a Client
Thesigers welcomes serious enquiries from prospective government, commercial, non-profit and private clients. Establishing contact is the first step. We are happy to receive queries by phone or email, or to meet in person. Introductory and exploratory discussions are especially welcome. Once contact has been made, we focus on developing a mature understanding of your interests, preferences and needs. We then set out the scope of activity we will undertake for you, and agree to formal terms of business.

Request a Quote
Current and prospective clients, including those who require assistance in shaping their requirements, are invited to contact us directly. Requests for quotes can be submitted directly to Michael A. Innes, Managing Director, at, or to Rupert Culyer, Head of Operations, at, accompanied by a detailed specification of requirements as an attached PDF document on official letterhead.

Request Samples
Thesigers has a robust track record of completed consulting projects, our work generates a significant volume of data, and we produce a steady stream of written analytical output. We invite prospective and new clients to get to know us better by reading our published work. For more in-depth sample material, including past analysis, case notes and capability statements, please contact us directly.

Terms of Business
Our terms of business govern our relationships with clients. They are designed to provide a clear and transparent understanding of the way we work, and set out the general conditions under which we will negotiate contracts, undertake assignments and charge for our services. Please contact us directly to request a copy.

Client relationships
Our client relationships include short and long term engagements supporting the research needs of private individuals, subcontracting arrangements with larger prime contractors in the private sector, and work conducted directly on behalf of corporate and government entities.

Contracting mechanisms
Thesigers currently holds positions on several UK government framework contracts. As pre-qualified suppliers, were are well placed to support client operations, from agile delivery of subject matter expertise, consultant support to project teams, through to larger collaborative partnerships.

Standards & certification
Thesigers is legally established in the UK and governed under English law. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office and compliant with a range of international standards for quality management and information security.

Professional ethics
We subscribe to a number of codes of conduct, including the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the professional research ethics of a variety of scholarly associations, and our own Founding Principles.