Call For Submissions: Middle East and North Africa Issue

Thesiger & Company ('Thesigers') invites prospective contributors to its flagship publication, Current Intelligence, to submit essays for consideration for the Summer 2013 issue.


The Summer 2013 issue of Current Intelligence focuses on the Middle East and North Africa. Potential contributors are encouraged to submit original, well researched analytical essays on any relevant subject of current significance, but specifically dealing with major themes such as: territorial disputes, maritime governance, defence and security, environmental issues, natural resource extraction, regional cooperation, trade and industry, technology, communication, preservation of cultural heritage, architecture and urbanism.

Themes listed here should be considered illustrative rather than definitive. 

Selected essays will be published in the Summer 2013 issue of Current Intelligence. Only the authors of selected essays will be contacted. 

Submission guidelines:

  • Deadline for submissions is 31 May 2013;
  • Essays must be 4,000-5,000 words in length;
  • Essays must use British English;
  • Rigorous in-text reference to sources and evidence is expected, but formal citations and footnotes should be kept to a minimum;
  • Submissions are to be accompanied by an author bio sketch not exceeding 100 words in length, indicating affiliations and major publications or other significant achievements;
  • Submissions are to be emailed to Terry Pattar at The subject line of the email must state the following: "Submission: Summer 2013 issue of Current Intelligence";
  • Each submission must be sent as an email attachment in editable format, accompanied by a cover note stating author credentials, prospective essay title, and a concise description of main argument(s), theme(s) and source(s) used;
  • Contained in the body of the email should be an introductory note providing a very brief summary of the essay (one or two crisp sentences will suffice), author's qualifications, and full contact information.

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