Profiling Thesigers
Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Clients benefit from this rich diversity of competencies, and from our focused, pragmatic and agile approach to work. If there is a single characteristic that defines us, it is our intellectual curiosity. As observers of politics and history we take a grounded view of events as they unfold. As authors of books and writers of reports, we have a special appreciation of the power of words to capture detail, convey meaning, shape viewpoints and influence outcomes.

We set our standards high. Our formal credentials include doctorates, law degrees and professional certifications from some of the most distinguished institutions of higher learning in the world. Our past professional affiliations highlight an abiding commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and a spirit of fearless inquiry.

And while we would never claim that our achievements speak for themselves, they do express volumes about what we can do for our clients.
Management Team
Our headquarters team is the heart and soul of the Company. Working from the London office, senior managers and permanent staff administer the day to day affairs at Thesigers. They develop and maintain client relationships and provide back-office support on all assignments.
Professional Associates
Professional associates are the lifeblood of the Company. All of our people undergo robust vetting procedures, have postgraduate degrees, a minimum of ten years' relevant work experience, and significant records of intellectual and professional achievement.
Senior Advisors
Our Senior Advisors are drawn from the worlds of business, academia and government service. Working in advisory clusters, they provide Thesigers with expert advice on all aspects of the Company, from strategic direction to business operations and client matters.
Regional Partner Network
Thesigers maintains a vetted network of preferred local suppliers in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. These include individual associates and established companies, compliant with applicable regulatory requirements and operating in local languages.
About Thesigers
Thesigers was founded on the premise that research of enduring value is built on solid fundamentals.
Working With Us

We welcome appropriate enquiries from prospective advisors, partners and other interested parties.

Consultants should read this first before establishing contact.