Research and advisory services for public, private and third sector clients

We navigate information challenges at the juncture of politics, society, business and the environment.


Holland House library after air raid, c. 1940. © English Heritage

Holland House library after air raid, c. 1940. © English Heritage

We provide a range of mutually reinforcing services to support the research requirements of governments, companies, organisations and individuals.
Research and advisory support for strategic review, design and operations
Research and advisory support for ethical commitments and regulatory compliance
Specialist historical and social science support for complex legal and policy processes
Research, support and advisory services for tangible, intangible and at-risk cultural heritage

Our people are mature, credentialed, proven professionals. Our client services are focused, flexible, and diversified. Our track record speaks for itself.
Thesigers is managed by a core group of directors and principals with backgrounds in government, diplomacy, journalism, academia, law and consulting. We work with a trusted network of vetted associates and local partners.
Our services are based on a systems approach to client research and advisory needs, built around core capabiliites that encompass key practice areas, basic research functions and support activities.